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Specialisterne Australia was established in 2015 with the goal to enable 12,000 careers for people on the autism spectrum by 2030. We are one of the first companies in the world to highlight the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce.

“Before doing this program, I was reeling from a job that left me feeling broken and self-critical, feeling like I wasn’t deserving or good enough to find work, especially work which was stable and accommodating.”


At Specialisterne Australia, we work with employers to find the kind of employees they are seeking. We then advertise the roles specifically for autistic individuals, and conduct an assessment to find the right people for the job. This is an alternative pathway to the traditional recruitment process that aims to remove barriers for autistic individuals.

Respect, Accommodation, Clarity & Accessibility. These are the values we uphold at Specialisterne in the work we do, and the individuals we work with.

Each individual on the autism spectrum is unique, with their own strengths and challenges. However, research has demonstrated that many individuals on the autism spectrum have exceptional skills (over an above that of individuals without autism) that can be of benefit in any number of jobs.

When we work with our client partners to develop alternative recruitment programs, our team works closely with hiring managers to understand what types of skills and aptitudes candidates will require to be considered for the available roles.

We take this information and create job advertisements that are written in language that is easy to understand and gives autistic job seekers a clear understanding of what the job is, what skills and experience are required, and what the recruitment process involves.

We work with our client partners to offer recruitment opportunities in many areas of employment, including the full range of IT roles, through to project management, administration, and other professional services.

I found it was a very interesting experience getting to meet others who were in similar positions to me, struggling looking for work, many of whom also went to the same university as me, and interestingly some of whom I even recognised from my own degree courses.”


“Last year I was diagnosed with autism. It clarified so many things that made me wonder why I was different to others, but it also gave me a sense of relief, and freedom to embrace my autistic identity.”


One of Specialisterne’s key functions is to build alternative recruitment pathways through a workshop and assessment approach in conjunction with our client partners so that they can work with and understand autistic and neurodiverse talent prior to hiring.

We know that many autistic and neurodiverse job seekers are disadvantaged when competing for employment due to the way in which typical recruitment practices are offered in mainstream employment.

We work closely with our client partners to thoroughly understand their business, their people, and culture, and importantly, to understand the roles we are helping them to fill. We take this detailed understanding of the employer and associated roles, and develop practical, skills-based assessments that allow candidates the opportunity to show employers what they can do, removing barriers that exist in traditional recruitment.

At Specialisterne we believe that candidates should ultimately determine which role is right for them. Throughout our alternative recruitment process we strive to give a clear understanding of the role to candidates so they can make career choices based upon a thorough knowledge of the employer, the team, and the role.

We are not just a recruiter, but also work with our client partners to build a foundation of understanding of autism and neurodiversity.

Throughout the recruitment process we work closely with hiring managers, team leaders and buddies so that when their new autistic employees commence employment, they are confident in supporting and developing them.

Specialisterne directly supports our client partners well beyond commencement of employment. 

“I’ve struggled with a bit of imposter syndrome in the past, but after the thorough training and assessment program, I really felt I could demonstrate who I am and what I could do. I don’t feel as though I have to try and prove myself, I’m ready to just get in and learn the work.”




Autism Advantage Program 2 – Brisbane and Canberra: March 2022

Over the next six months we have over 100 roles available with our employer partners in the areas of IT, administration, and government, and we are looking for autistic individuals with any of the following skills, interests and talents: Programming / scripting...

Expense & Continuous Improvement Lead: Hawthorn East, Melbourne, VIC

We are excited to partner with Coles Express in their search for a talented Expense and Continuous Improvement Lead from within our community of autistic candidates.
Coles Express is one of Australia’s leading fuel and convenience retailers. With over 700 stores across Australia and over 5,500 team members.
The Expense and Continuous Improvement Lead is accountable for delivery of budgeted costs of store expenses and developing change strategies to support sites to improve store operations.

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