Employer Tips and Resources

Simple employer adjustments for autistic staff in the workplace



  • Being seated in a quiet area of the office away from thoroughfare traffic/break out areas
  • Use of Noise Cancelling Headphones 



  • Being seated in a dimmer area of the office or beside a window with blinds to control the level of light coming through the window
  • Not being seated under fluorescent lighting
  • Use of tinted glasses 



  • Not being seated near a kitchen
  • Encouraging team not to wear fragrances, perfumes or spraying of air fresheners etc


Other Adjustments

  • Access to a quiet room
  • Additional breaks during the day 
  • Staggering start times if working up to full-time hours
  • Ability to start work at a later time ie 10am instead of 9


The Employment Assistance Fund can offer financial help for adjustments to the workplace for eligible staff:  https://www.jobaccess.gov.au/employment-assistance-fund-eaf


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