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9 things to consider when introducing a neurodiverse and inclusive workplace

Hints and tips for managers of autistic staff

Autism: the positives

Simple employer adjustments for autistic staff

The employers guide to asperger's syndrome

Executive function / executive dysfunction

Dispelling misconceptions about autism in the workplace

David Smith from ‘Employ for Ability’ talks to us about some common misconceptions about autism in the workplace.

Questions businesses want to ask about recruitment but don’t

Q&A with Clicks IT Recruitment GM of Operations, Sam Micich and Specialisterne CEO, Julie Robertson. This covers what employers want to ask about the recruitment process for autistic jobseeker, but don’t!



Building a Business Case for an Autism / Neurodiversity Program

Andrew Williams, IBM Associate Partner & Global Neurodiversity Leader, talks about how to build a business case for an autism / neurodiversity program within your own business from his experience with the IBM Global Neurodiversity Program.